What Are the Top Content Writing Trends Noticed in 2021 for Effective SEO?

What Are the Top Content Writing Trends Noticed in 2021 for Effective SEO?

Webtech Venture, a leading SEO content writing company in Chennai, has made a detailed analysis of the tops trends noticed in content writing for SEO in 2021. Below are some of the tips and tricks up our sleeve, which we use effectively to help brands achieve visibility and mileage.

Content writing is not about words alone. It is about conveying your purpose and vision, and that is where most companies and others fail. So, what are the top trends for SEO, and how do we effectively position a brand and create a niche? The details are below

Content Writing Trends for 2021

1) Follow the SERP rules

SERP (search engine results page) is the pages that are displayed when you type a query in the search bar. So your website content must be optimised for this purpose. It is a crazy process to search for keywords. But the most important point is that the right keywords must be identified and used. Do not take a blind dive into content without understanding the rules of SERP or the importance of keyword search. The use of appropriate title tags is also important, and based on our research as a leading SEO company in Chennai, it is best to keep them within 50 characters for most effectiveness. The meta description should also be optimised, and it is recommended to use target keywords in meta descriptions for best results.

2) Trends

Always keep your eyes open about the business and industry. Although fundamentals do not change, some trends come and go. If you are in a consumer-facing industry like fashion, then the change in trends is even more pertinent and important. Thus, the analysed keywords need to be grouped according to trends, and we need to bring special focus accordingly.

The best idea is to go in for an 80-20 ratio of maintaining an 80% target for permanent and evergreen keywords and 20% for the currently trending keywords. Given the lag in indexing and other factors of Google in positioning search, this will be a safe bet while ensuring that you stay relevant.

3) Target Based on Buyers

It is a golden rule that a business must be clear about its objectives and the target audience. The same applies online as well. It is important to create personas to identify the needs and target the audience. So this is the next step in identifying the exact keywords that are evergreen and those that are trending. The number of clicks will depend on where you stand and in front of whom you appear. Hence, segmentation and targeting are as important a step as keyword research.

Mix and match content and have multiple channels of engagement. When you do this, you drive traffic to your website and ensure a steady stream of visitors. With this, you build an audience and engagement, and the next step is only success.

The volume of keyword searches must also be mapped to the audience. I rather have high-paying customers for a low volume keyword than many low-paying customers for a high-volume keyword. This is where the specific expertise of a professional SEO company in Chennai like Webtech Venture will help. Using related keywords in the content indicates to readers, and also SEO engines your awareness and research prowess. It is a positive signal to search engines.

4) Use some data

Any data that is cited adds authenticity. A data-driven approach is also valued, and using them in headlines is all the more better since it grabs eyeballs. However, ensure that these numbers are authentic and add value to the writing and that they have not been inserted for the sake of it!

5) Performance Monitoring

No action is complete unless you know the direction you are headed. Hence, performance monitoring is vital to ensure the success of a campaign. If your content does not fly initially, rejig and see what is causing the trend to change or open up more engagement channels. Also, the trick is to attempt to use related keywords and expand the scope and engagement arena. With this, more related visitors are likely to drop in and subsequently, the conversion rate will increase manifold.

2021 SEO Checklist for Content Writing

  • Keyword Research Optimization
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Header Tag Optimization
  • Internal Links/Image Optimization
  • Body of Content Optimization

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