Social Media and SEO – What is the Relationship and How Can One Help the Other?

Social Media and SEO – What is the Relationship and How Can One Help the Other?

The world has become a global village thanks to the power of the Internet, cheap devices and cheaper data plans. But in all the clutter and potential, how does one crawl up and achieve a position of respect and repute in SEO, organically? Does social media play a role in this? How useful or useless is it? Webtech Venture, a leading SEO company in Chennai, offers an analysis.

Social Media and SEO – A Webtech Venture Analysis

In the previous blog post, we had seen how good hosting and SEO are related. Similar to the same, social media presence does not get one a direct boost in SEO. There are some tips and tricks to get you on top organically though and social media can play a key role in that. Social signals mean that you are a topic of conversation. That in turn means that people look to engage with your brand in some way and when that method is through your website, that is when you must maximize the potential.

It is always difficult to impress someone. Rather, if an audience comes with an idea of what they need and some expectation to fulfil, you can always present the facts and win them over. Only point is that in that case, the website must look neat, presentable, offer the information and have original content. As a side nowt, Webtech Venture, the best digital marketing company in Chennai, can help a brand with all of the above.

What is social media Useful For?

Social media is a dynamic domain and unlike a website, is continuously updated. The fluidity delivers the following advantages regarding conversations

  1. Helps in the rapid dissemination of information/content.
  2. Drives the direction of the content
  3. Sets the tone of engagement
  4. Improves the reach and lifespan of a post
  5. Increases brand visibility, thereby driving organic traffic to a website, service or page

Some ways in which social media Helps SEO Indirectly are

1) Reputation creation and link building

You may have created a superb piece of content, but with little traction. But nothing goes unnoticed. If you continue to persevere, you will be appreciated for your genuineness. Once your reputation spreads, it is a matter of maintaining the same. Thus, direct and indirect link building opportunities are presented. Correspondingly, the link value will increase, and you can climb up the ladder of SEO faster. Google places high importance to a website’s authority and trust worthiness. As you become a recognized expert in your field and as the traffic is also directed to the same, the search algorithms are definitely alerted and you will have a direct benefit.

2) Optimize the Whole

No topic can be covered comprehensively in a single attempt. Get the basics right and then as the scenario evolves and changes happen in different areas – be it technology, political or regulatory, revisit all these old topics, update, upgrade and republish. This will help to reinitiate conversations and also ensure that your audiences can stay updated. This will also initiate more shares, likes and mentions. These in turn will drive traffic to your website, if cleverly positioned and played.

3) Spend Time to Build Relationships

Relationships take time to be nurtured and build. The different types of relationships that can be cultivated are brand advocates, organic influencers and strategic partners. Have a clear plan to tap each vertical. Respond to social media comments and link your blogs and feeds as responses to direct them to your website. This can help improve the click through rate and give you a push in rankings due to visitor engagement.

4) Build Good Content

This is the key to the entire exercise. Users get hooked to a piece of content when it solves their problem, entertains them, educates them in some manner or helps establish an emotional connection. Always bring a user perspective to content writing, spend time and ensure that there is some value to operations. Otherwise, the entire exercise is pointless!


Social media should be used as a megaphone to spread the word about your expertise, deeds and observations. With an omnichannel presence, you reach a different set of audiences and broaden your reach. When all this traffic is directed to your website, then it becomes a ready platform to interact and engage, thereby giving a boost to your SEO rankings. Thus, as mentioned earlier, SEO and SMO are not directly related, but SMO strategies can help and give a boost and ensure that your website get a good ranking.

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