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Developing strategy with the digital marketing terms - Factors that differentiate SEM, SEO and PPC:

The comprehensive terms that is used in digital marketing are about to incur into paid and non-paid strategies. From 2001, the digital marketing industry has emerged to focus onto the search engines which came out as ‘search engine marketing’. When we talk about the paid and non-paid initiatives, this search engine marketing (SEM) would get its door into leading digital marketing services through the search engines.

This summarizes as both the pay-per-clicks (PPC) and the PPC ads, and also the search engine optimization (SEO) will be onto the same concept of search engine marketing (SEM). This can be further concluded as PPC and SEM are one and the same. Being said, it can also be considered as PPC is one of the important aspects of SEM. It is high time to note that, the most effective PPC / CPC campaign every company can run is Google Ads. PPC can also generate safe and real time data to the marketers with a wild focus on the ROI. For any marketer it is highly important to note that, PPC marketing is a very large part of SEM, as they both are paid initiatives, they need budgets in common, and they make search engines like Google and other advertisement platforms involve into monetary things.

SEM will actually increase the visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), with the help of paid advertisements. When anybody is trying to offer digital marketing services, then we need to focus more on the idea of the client and how they can contribute to the ROI of the clients. There must be a consistent way that the information revolving in the industry is outspoken throughout. Only when the digital marketing service providers know about the differentiating factors in the key digital marketing terms, they can use the right marketing services for the right people and setting as in like the Webtech Venture which is the best digital marketing agency in Chennai.

There must be a clear understanding that SEM (Search engine marketing) and PPC (pay per clicks) are paid strategies on the search engines like Google, and also includes various other online marketing platforms. Whereas, SEO (search engine optimization) comes under the organic marketing strategy which must be pushed through the search engines as discussed. As far as the digital marketing and the search marketing is concerned, we need to keep in mind about the type of audience also. PPC carries its own Wikipedia page despite the search engine marketing.


There are many people, who get into this industry with the shallow and novice knowledge in digital marketing and search marketing. They are not super specialists who have adopted this industry; rather they try to get the combination and understanding in a linear fashion. In that case, it is highly important to bring all these terms into understanding.

From this point of view, SEM will include PPC ads on search engines whereas it also includes some third party platforms like Amazon and YouTube as well. It is a combination of display ads and marketing efforts underlying the same, and also includes other industry focused platforms like Houzz, Thumbtack, Yelp and so on. It is primarily noted that it is our responsibility as novice marketer or an experienced marketer to make sure we have a clear explanation on these terms so that we can achieve the client’s goal on the go.

SEO and digital marketing:

Being said that they are integrated, SEO and digital marketing are two different terms when identified. An SEO is something that comes under the technique used for digital marketing. And talking about the digital marketing as a piece, it covers all the methods and strategies used to promote a brand online. Majorly, the ranking of the webpage in the search engine results page (SERPs) can be increased by implementing the best strategies involved using the SEO (search engine optimization).

If you are aiming to boost and promote your brand through different channels like social media, emails, and websites and so on, then digital marketing will be the best choice. SEO is considered to be a tool underlying the digital marketing tactics. We can also include PPC (pay per click), regulating social media posts, and stories as the strategies of digital marketing. Hence, a digital marketer will take care of all these process of marketing by doing planning, strategizing and implementing the marketing plan as derived to bring any brand into light. As a counterpart, the leading SEO specialist as in Webtech Venture in Chennai will optimize the websites to keep the brand top the Google ranking. We need to pay for the specialists for organic traffic and to rank the website by constantly checking the current status of the website.


Why do you need digital marketing?

To make any brand bring into light and to derive the best brand boost and visibility, then digital marketing will be the best choice

What is SEO?

SEO is meant to be a process of increasing the visibility of your website and more likely to garner the attention of the potential customers of your business. It will also create a greater impact on your bottom line.

Is SEO needed in 2022?

SEO has become a fundamental part of digital marketing and hence this is absolutely necessary to speed up your commercial intent of finding information through Google search

Why do you need SEO in your business?

In short, SEO in your business can be said to be the foundation of a holistic marketing environment. You can top your business competition by achieving greater visibility and ranking higher in the Google.

Why Webtech Venture?

We are one of the best digital marketing companies in Chennai and proffer the suitable and proper digital marketing strategies for the clients worldwide. With our leading digital marketing agencies in Chennai, we will help you to walkthrough all the digital marketing tactics to light up your brand.

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